Dokuwiki Template - eIrOcA

Technically, the restyling has required the creation of a new template for DokuWiki and to renew my curses towards CSS and JavaScript, how I miss the first version of the site where I was proud of the words “No JavaScript” (and the CSS didn't exist yet :)

As the first eIrOcA template is very old, I thought it was best to start from the new default template rather than to evolve the old template. On paper, the advantages were many, the template is responsive and compliant with the new versions, does not use tables for layout of text, … obviously starting to work on it the limitations are emerged. The template has a naming of the classes/id not completly intuitive and the structure of divs and CSS is a fragile house of cards that collapses as soon as you try to introduce some upset (but here the CSS are the main cause).

After a day of zero progresses the time has come to change course and rewrite the layout from scratch. Here, at the beginning, progress has been striking, finally it was no time spent to discover the files that cointain the CSS fragments impacted by the layout change, the problems came later, when the secondary functions of the wiki, or some plugins, reference to naming/structure that no longer exists (and in this sense I would say that the work is not yet finished).

As soon as I do some testing on all of the features (although the ones not used within the eIrOcA site) I will try to release the template in the DokuWiki repositories, until then, the development version is available within the code repository at SourceForge.