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Site is open

Blog Even if there was no real good reasons I started this new site, hoping to be able to have an area where to archive fragments of thought.

Needless to say, the incubation of the idea has required time, main reflection is definitely if I was ever able to update the site with a minimum of regularity, the previous experience updating the site is not encouraging, but the formula of free speech could better adapt to writing during the breaks. Probably the dual Italian/English version will be impractical and some of the posts will be written in only one language.

The second thought was what tool to use in writing this site. The choice was to use the DokuWiki. Probably it is not the best technology choice if compared to the features that are present in optimized CMS platforms, but the big advantage is that it is easy to host and it has a lot of plugins some of them writen by me :-)

A new layout

Old site

Goodbye old site, it's time to change.

In this round the restyling was really drastic and stems from the desire to make the site responsive and more oriented to content.

After almost twenty years of honorable service the old horseshoe template retired in favor of a “paper” layout in which the not essentials elements were moved into secondary positions. The sidebar has been significantly lightened (and shifted to the right) offsetting the reduction with the introduction of a new navigation bar and a “fixed” footer with the Wiki commands. Even in the composition of the text I tried to get closer to the printed paper model introducing some typical typographic elements (justified text, line spacing, …) not very common within Web sites.

Even the color scheme is changed, after the black, green, purple is the turn of the white/orange, this time the color scheme can boast a greater number of adopters. Goodbye also to the old logo that remebered to much the graphic of home computers of the late 80s…

The work is not yet finished, the search bar/translation buttons do not convince me, spacing still need to be touched up, adaptation to various resolutions is only sketched and the version for mobile phone displays still needs a lot of work to switch from “visible” to really “usable”.

The mobile site remained unchanged, its fate is linked to the evolution of eIrOcA Portal System and I think that will remain as it is for a while…