Server Applications

Server Applications Server Applications is a collection of tools and server applications often oriented around “mobile”.



WikiHelper is a collection of tools for managing the Wiki.

Supports the following formats:

  • Wikimedia

Features implemented:

  • batch creation of pages
  • replace strings over multiple pages
  • export to PowerPoint PPT of one or more pages
  • export of Table of contents in PowerPoint format according to pages in a category
  • converting wiki pages in CSV compatible with Outlook contacts import

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A collection of tools and plugins for Wiki in DokuWiki format.

Dokuwiki Plugin - barcode

Dokuwiki plugin to create 2D-Barcodes using different providers.

It was added the support to the translation plugin. If it is installed will be used to detect the language for barcode messages.

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Dokuwiki Plugin - OrgApp

Dokuwiki plugin to draw organization charts.

The plugin has been updated with the last version of the applet, there are now more options to draw more compact organization chart (e.g. by reversing the orientation of the last level of leaves).

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Dokuwiki Plugin - GPlusOne

Plugin for the management of the “+1” Google button within the Dokuwiki wiki sites.

The existing plugin doesn't meet my requirements: the button position is fixed, it is supported only German, you cannot customize the look of the button, … hence the need to put the hands on the source code.

The choice was to write a new plugin, I don't like the jQuery approach used by the original plugin and completely it lacks of any administration / integration with the editor. Obviously starting from scratch means “recycle” the template already used for other plugins…

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Dokuwiki Template - eIrOcA

Technically, the restyling has required the creation of a new template for DokuWiki and to renew my curses towards CSS and JavaScript, how I miss the first version of the site where I was proud of the words “No JavaScript” (and the CSS didn't exist yet :)

As the first eIrOcA template is very old, I thought it was best to start from the new default template rather than to evolve the old template. On paper, the advantages were many, the template is responsive and compliant with the new versions, does not use tables for layout of text, … obviously starting to work on it the limitations are emerged. The template has a naming of the classes/id not completly intuitive and the structure of divs and CSS is a fragile house of cards that collapses as soon as you try to introduce some upset (but here the CSS are the main cause).

After a day of zero progresses the time has come to change course and rewrite the layout from scratch. Here, at the beginning, progress has been striking, finally it was no time spent to discover the files that cointain the CSS fragments impacted by the layout change, the problems came later, when the secondary functions of the wiki, or some plugins, reference to naming/structure that no longer exists (and in this sense I would say that the work is not yet finished).

As soon as I do some testing on all of the features (although the ones not used within the eIrOcA site) I will try to release the template in the DokuWiki repositories, until then, the development version is available within the code repository at SourceForge.

Portal System

eIrOcA Portal System

eIrOcA Portal System is a simple portal library & services optimized for mobile clients. The infrastructure is XAMPP based, share a common framework and provide handset definitions (based upon WURFL).

Services are:

  • Handset library
  • HP - Portal Directory
  • AFO - Jokes, …
  • DS - Download Server
  • NEWS - Portal news
  • PG - Picture Gallery
  • RSS - RSS Reader
  • USR - Login/logout

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Assembler Proxy

Assembler Proxy is a Java Servlet that can be used to “assemble” contents coming form different sites into a single page (without frame usage).

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